Antique & Vintage
Automotive & Light Truck
Bus, Coach & RV
Commercial Landscaping & Grounds Equipment
Emergency & Rescue Services
Golf & Utility Cart
Ground Support Equipment
Hill & Trail Grooming
Industrial, Construction, Municipal, Utility
Marine & Personal Watercraft
Lift Equipment & Materials Handling
Offroad - 4x4 ATV UTV Snowmobile
Oilfield, Seismic, Wireline
Performance & Racing
Plow & Snow Removal
Rail & Track Service
Specialty Systems Applications - Design & Installation
Stationary & Small Engine
Transport - Refrigeration, Trucking, Liftgate, Heavy Haul
Winch & Light Duty Service Crane
Junior Dragster, Top Fuel, Nostalgia, Rally Racing, Road Course, Street Cars, Oval Track & everything in between.  Whether it's foreign, domestic - or even performance boats, we can do it all.
As racers...and fans of motorsports in all of it's facets, we understand the need of enthusiasts. 
High performance starters for air cooled VW's to mountain motor Pro Mods.  Stock replacement alternators and extreme duty charging systems for street, strip, rally or off road racing in 12 or 16 volt situations.
We even build & repair starters, battery packs and charger systems for Drag Bikes, Top Alcohol and Fuel teams. 
Rugged and reliable Optima and Odyssey Batteries and Dual Pro Chargers for all your starting needs, we can design and provide a system for your application.
Automotive/Industrial & Mobile Electrical Systems
and more...
We have moved to Bay 3,
1255 - 45th  Avenue N.E.
Parking & Entrance at the Rear of building
     Member of AMVIC